School Book Bank For Haitian Kids in Haiti

75% of Haitian kids do not have School Books. Ayiti Now Corp assist orphans, restavek and kids under extreme poverty with School Books. We provide School Books for the primary and secondary education to orphanages and schools in rural areas. Each School Book serves new students year after year.

In association with the principal and teachers of each school, Ayiti Now Corp compiles a list of the School Books needed and directly purchases the materials in Port Au Prince, Haiti. The materials are then delivered directly to the children ensuring proper distribution and ensuring Ayiti Now Corp’s ability to properly monitor the materials.

A detailed database inventory of each School Book and each recipient is kept and monitored by Ayiti Now Corp on an ongoing basis. All School Books will be retrieved and redistributed to new students each school year.

The value provided by the School Book Bank is everlasting. For more information please visit

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