A safe school for the children of Jacmel

YouTube Preview ImageJanuary 12,2010, Tragedy struck Trinity school, a school in Jacmel.. leaving over 400 children dead..SIDR was there with volunteers from all over the world to assist with the reclamation and the clearing of this terrible site.. Wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow.. Constant reminders of what happened in each load.. SIDR and its volunteers are committed to healing this wound in the community of Jacmel by rebuilding a new earthquake and hurricane resistant school.. Three Monolithic domes linked to provide the children of this small city with a safe school.. We need your help… 25,000.00 dollars.. builds the school.. the teachers are ready.. the children lack a school.. Please assist us so we can assist the children of this community…Every penny goes to the build.. and we will provide photo journals and reports to all who donate.. Not one person takes a salary, and each pays their own way to volunteer..SIDR has so far trained 30 women in the skills of construction ..and now the art of masonry begins with this project .. teaching a sustainable and permanent way of building while creating hope in the community with our projects.. Please give generously.. The children of Jacmel need your help..

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